Today I totally finished an essay on Hebrews in total it has taken far to long but totally worth it whether or not it adds a sufficient total to the credit I need to continue to the total needed for a degree in theology

Word Press

via Daily Prompt: Natty

A few days ago I found a site called Word Press that I thought was quite natty.  Ever since I did a module towards my BA called reading and writing theology I have known that if I wished to grow this skill I either needed to keep a journal or/and start to blog.  So here was this natty site that would allow me to start blogging.  Yet how to get started by using a daily prompt provided by this very natty site.  As a single person can I really justify a web page low and behold the very natty web page provided me with one.  A word like natty can be used in a variety of ways, but I have always thought of it as a smart useful item often of clothing but always of use and something that brings a smile of pleasure so thank you Word Press.