Endings and Beginnings

The photo which is intended to identify me is of my much beloved pet Phoebe who has recently died. The title under which those who know me at this sight (though those are few) is Ageing Student but I am coming to the end of my studies. So why have I just renewed my right to post here? Well I intend never to cease learning despite memory problems (or may be that should in a large part be because memory loss as learning is a way of fighting back).More importantly my belief in Jesus as Lord is the foundation of my life and to share the Good News was the last commission He gave to His disciples. Very simply put a disciple was a student to a master so I will always be a student. This weekend I spent on a silent retreat, my aims were to make sense of the vast changes in my health and life style what I found was a reconnection with the Master I owned as Lord and Saviour a little less than 48 years ago. Forget theology, forget interregnums it is all about relationship with Christ what ever you are facing turn to Him and own Him as Lord and Saviour. Already done that? Then reconnect with Him. The Arch-Bishops of York and Canterbury are currently running an 11 day reconnection with the Lord’s Prayer I recommend it.
The photo it stays Phoebe reminded me of the need to love unconditionally.

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